The next 4 people to buy a copy of VORTEXTS from me will receive a copy of COLLECTED GHOST. Not COLLECTED GHOST from H_NGM_N circa 2009, COLLECTED GHOST from F.M.P. (Fire Man Press) circa 2005 when I lived in the Mission in San Francisco and made chapbooks in my apartment. This book is filled with different poems then the H_NGM_N version. They are from a time when I was trying to teach myself "to write poems that other people could understand". COLLECTED GHOST was designed by me and released on my press, F.M.P. It was made in a Office Max on Geary and Arguello. It is constructed of 50% stolen materials, including the size and shape which are the same as J Magazine, Jack Spicer's journal. Here is one of the poems from the collection:

Fuck Your Magazine

I really think my poems
would look beautiful 
in your magazine

for this reason I've decided 
not to submit them 
to your care

instead I am going to 
fold them into tiny effigies 
of famous men

Dwight D. Eisenhower
comes to mind and
Harry S. Truman

they have such beautiful names
I just hope my poems 
can do them justice


Please come to this reading (5/18):
Center for Performance Research
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Alina Gregorian
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Please come to this reading:
Cafe Orwell, 5/14/11 (7-9PM)

The Last CROWD w/:

Ish Klein
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1.) VORTEXTS (SUPERMACHINE, 2011) is now available.

2.) VORTEXTS can also be purchased from me via Pay Pal (supplies are limited).

3.) Here is a trailer for VORTEXTS where I read a poem called "Diagnosis".

4.) NEW WAVES (by Ben Fama) + VORTEXTS duel release party 6/3/11 at Silent Barn.

Thanks Ben Fama & David Jou


Ghost Machine was chosen as one of the best books of poetry of 2010 for the Believer's Reader Survey.

Also, I just learned that Ghost Machine will be released in its third print run, this summer. If you would like to preorder a copy from me, email your address to benmirov@hotmail.com, and I will put on aside when they arrive.

Thanks, Believer Readers