An interview with Jason Bredle about his new book, SMILES OF THE UNSTOPPABLE is up over at BOMBlog.


1.) Yardmeter: Saturday January 22, 7pm  

Location: 267 Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY

Music presented by Todd Almond,
a film by Lee and Micah Chabowski,
readings by
Ariana Reines,
Ben Mirov,
and artwork by Robert Melzmuf

2.) The Poetry Project: Monday Jan 24th, 8pm 

Solmaz Shariff & Ben Mirov

3.) BOMB Reading: Monday, January 21, 7-10pm

Location: Half King 505 W 23rd St. NY, NY

With readings by Justin Taylor, Dorothea Lasky, Ben Mirov and Luke Degnan


This is:
"...a catalog of textual desire, of wished-for and ideal books as described by a diverse collection of writers, critics, and text-makers. The maligned blurb form herein becomes, time and again, the entryway into unreadable books and the anticipation that comes before opening them."
You can preorder this here.


Noah Eli Gordon wrote a review of I is to Vorticism in the recent issue of Rain Taxi (click on the image to read).

Thanks, Noah