Brooks Sterritt wrote a review of GHOST MACHINE at Vernacular, the Emerson College Writing Literature & Publishing Graduate Student Blog.



Here is the new cover and author list for LIT #20. I was co-editor-in-chief of this issue. It's my final issue of LIT. I am writing this from Oakland, where I live now. You can read some sample poems by Aaron Kunin and Eric Amling at HTMLGIANT.  Purchase the issue HERE.


I interviewed Dan Boehl about his book KINGS OF THE F***KING SEA at the Best American Poetry Blog.


GHOST MACHINE BY BEN MIROV will be back in stock at Caketrain, shortly. I will have copies, too, in the coming weeks.


1.) Andrew James Weatherhead said some nice things about Vortexts on HTML Giant.

thanks, Andrew and Curtis Perdue


Ben & Amy Read Chapbooks: Lazy Summer Video Review Edition (featuring chapbooks by Adam Day, Christopher Salerno, Brian Foley, Ben Kopel, Luke Bloomfield, and Micha Ballard & Sunnylyn Ballard Thibodeaux).


Ben Estes, Ben Fama, Ben Kopel, Ben Pease, Ben Winkler, and I collaborated on an heroic crown of sonnets and a group erasure of Yeats’ “Under Ben Bulben”. The collaborations are forthcoming as a chapbook. You can read 2 of the sonnets at The The Poetry Blog.