Amy Lawless wrote a review of GHOST MACHINE at The Best American Poetry Blog. You can read it HERE.

Thanks, Amy


Did I Shit Me?

These are some drawings made by Victor Cayro. They are based on a story of mine in DID I SHIT ME (II), a zine of stories about people shitting themselves. DID I SHIT ME is edited and partially illustrated by my friend Michelle McNeil.

Victor's illustrations are of a story in which I shit myself before or during or maybe after eating a lot of Chinese food. I don't think you can buy DID I SHIT ME in stores, but maybe if you contact Michelle, you can get one from her. Also, Victor sells his art via HIS FLICKR ACCOUNT

(You can click on the images to make them bigger and then click again to make real big)

Thanks, Victor & Michelle 


Poems left out of GHOST MACHINE

Here are some poems that didn't make it into the final draft of GHOST MACHINE. I was looking through some old papers and found them. I think they're pretty good and can't remember why I didn't include them (click to view larger images).


Steve Roggenbuck & Gozobrarian Review GHOST MACHINE


Steve Roggenbuck & Gonzobrarian wrote reviews of GHOST MACHINE on their blogs. I'm gratified that Steve and Gonzobrarian read GHOST MACHINE and wrote thoughtful reviews about it. You can read the review on Steve's blog HERE and the Gonzobrarian review HERE.

Thanks, Steve Roggenbuck and Gonzobrarian


Sean Patrick Hill reviews GHOST MACHINE at Bookslut

Sean Patrick Hill wrote a review of GHOST MACHINE at Bookslut. You can read the review HERE.

Thanks, Sean


GHOST MACHINE reviewed at NewPages

Dan Magers reviewed GHOST MACHINE at new pages. Dan has a press called Immaculate Disciples, "a Brooklyn-based chapbook press specializing in poetry and poetry/visual arts collaborations." Dan recently published Sampson Starweather's THE HEART IS GREEN FROM FOR SO MUCH WAITING, which is one of my favorite chapbooks in the history of all chapbooks ever.

Thanks, Dano