I wrote a book of poems called HIDER ROSER. It is now available from:

Octopus Books

Small Press Distribution 

If you would like a review copy, please email me at benmirov@gmail.com. Octopus Books is having a special sale: if you buy Patricia Lockwood's Book Balloon Pop Outlaw Black, along with HIDER ROSER, you can get a 3rd Octopus title of your choice, for free.

To celebrate the release of her book, Patricia has said that if all the copies of her book are purchased she will get a "tramp stamp" of a "Pupeye". To celebrate the release of my HIDER ROSER, if I sell all my copies, I will get the entire cover of my book tatooed on my face, including the title of my book and my own name. It will look approximately like this:

Thank you for your time and consideration. Here is the book trailer for HIDER ROSER, made by Dan Lichtenberg and produced at Photon Labs in San Francisco, California.