Reading at Goodbye Blue Monday

I am going to be in a reading at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn. According to its website, Goodbye Blue Monday has "Music. Art. Antiques. Coffee. Beer. Wine. Stuff." Please come and we will enjoy all of the previously mentioned things. Here is the info, from Travis Holloway:

Dear Friends-

A great night of music and poetry. You won't want to miss it! Monday, June 1st 2009 @ 8:30pm at Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway Brooklyn NY). We are asking for a 5 dollar cover that goes directly to the artists.

Hope that you can make it!

Ben Syversen-trumpet
Morgan Price-sax
Adam Minkoff-bass
Nick Anderson-drums

Ben Mirov
Travis Holloway
Austin LaGrone

Tony Falco- Drums
Drew Sayers- Tenor Saxophone


James said...

gbm is a pretty great spot. i think someone told me "everything there is for sale". which is kind of funny. you'll know what i'm talking about when you get there.

also! great reading the other night at the elimae thing. my friend tonia and i were still talking about it later that night.

bmirov said...

Thanks, James.

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