Washington Square

I have two poems in the new Washington Square. Washington Square is the NYU review of literature. I am excited to be included in this issue with: John Ashbery, Joshua Beckman, Jillian Weise, Tomaz Salamun, and tons of other great writers whose books are on my bookshelf, right now. I feel classy. I have always wanted my poems to be in close vicinity to John Ashbery's poems in a publication of good repute. I feel like maybe if I fade away into anonymity, I will at least have this moment to tell people about when I am old.

Thanks Levi Rubeck, Christine Malvasi and Laren McClung

Have a Great Day,


brian said...

Dude, don't be so modest. Call it what it is: badass.

bmirov said...

In all honesty, "Badass" is the phrase that most accurately describes the way I feel at this moment.

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