Cate Peebles: Quality Literature

Cate Peebles writes poems. Each of her poems contains at least one astonishing moment, usually more than one. Sometimes, I feel jealousy about Cate's ability to produce original imagery in her poems. When I feel this way, I will usually "steal" images and ideas from her work and put them into my poems, often unsuccessfully. I also like that Cate's poems are highly imaginative without sacrificing meaning or connection to an objective "reality". Cate has poems in many reputable publications, including:



La Petite Zine

She is also co-editor of Fou.

Cate just put out an e-book from Scantly Clad Press called Taco Truck to Awesome Town. I recommend you read it with all six of your senses.



brian said...

But really you're most jealous of that e-book title.

bmirov said...

I have to rename my novel, now.

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