I is to Vorticism (Part 1)

New Michigan Press is printing my chapbook at the end of December, or sometime around then. For the past few months Ander Monson has been designing it. Ander is a great book designer. He took my ideas and made them much better than I could have imagined. I'm really excited about the finished book.

Also, my friend Taylor Fox did the painting for the cover. He has a website, here. Most of his paintings are for sale. I own three of them: the two shown here (please click on the images to get a better look) and the one that's going to be the cover of I is to Vorticism (I will post that one later). Both of these paintings are from my old apartment at 20th and Valencia in San Francisco. The top one is of me and my friends, Brian and Evan in 2004. Taylor lived in the apartment at that time, too.

If you would like to review my chapbook on your blog or website or high school newspaper contact me at benmirov@hotmail.com. I will be happy to send you a signed copy free of charge as soon as they are available.


Jillian Brall said...

Awesome :-) Congrats, Ben.

Anonymous said...

you're also way less asian looking than that painting implies.

mia said...

Congratulations, Ben. Looks like it will be really nice.

bmirov said...

Thanks, Jillian and Mia.

sasha fletcher said...

really excited.

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