I Make Lists of Things I Like So I Can Share Them With You

Moonmilk by Ryan McGinley (reblogged from Ken Baumann's Twitter feed).

Phil'z Coffee
in San Francisco is made by wizards. I am not fucking around. Wizards.

CUE journal has gone from being a classy print journal to a classy online journal. I like these poems by Sarah Manguso and this prose poem thing by Dorthea Lasky.

THIS is an essay written by an amazing poet that I love about an amazing poet that I love.

Then there is this.

I can't get over Hernan Bas (First seen by me in this photo of Mark Bibbins and Richard Howard reading at the Brooklyn Museum).

Carl Sagan's Cosmos is rad.

I also like hyperlinks.

The last issue of Puppy Flowers contains a piece called Island Time by Simon Evans and a wonderful poem by Matthew Zapruder called Eyes Wide Shut.

Leave me comments about anything. I like those too.



Molly Gaudry said...

Teddy Bear is amazing. I want one, please. :)

ryan manning said...

molly gaudry is a teddy bear

Molly Gaudry said...

Okay, sure, yes, it's true.

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