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Brandi Wells said...

I don't think I can use "dope" in a sentence and mean "cool" or "badass." I think people would stare at me.

enversi said...

Preface. Drunk.

Shards of glass, sharp like sparks, broken bulb in relinquished grip. A breath taken. Solace. Solace and forethought. Followed, forthwith!, impenetrable armor, unbeknown and unrequited we come with game and instruments in hand to play, to parlay, to talk, to drum, for you!, our own we seed and plan.

Once done the act will lie and rest, players, playee, the like, invest.

Tried and soured in justice I lie, a beer, a smoke, a big pizza pie. The walk? A dance! The line? ---- knows! I find myself here, swim or shall I wallow?

I smile. You smile! I laugh. We laugh! Day passes soon, and sunset we rest.

enversi said...

It distresses me to think that the post I just made would be lost forever to the karmatic repercussions of my sycophantic rage.

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