Beginning with issue 16, I am going to be poetry editor of LIT magazine. LIT magazine is the New School's literary journal. I'm pretty excited. Every issue of LIT I've read has has been good. The current editors-in-chief, Nicole Steinberg and Peter Bogart, are very good editors. The current poetry editor Graeme Bezanson, is also very good. They are working hard to put out LIT 15, which is LIT's 10th anniversary issue, or maybe the 15th, I can't remember. I am not poetry editor of issue 15, but everyone should buy a copy or come to the issue release and get one. It's going to have a special past-editors section, and it's going to be like 200-250 pages long.

I'm just starting work on issue 16. It's going to be a good issue. I have the feeling when you start something that is going to be a lot of work. It's exciting but it makes me want to watch 15 hours of TV and do nothing but eat tacos and avoid responsibility. Also, I will still be editing pax americana. I don't think these two things will interfere with each other, except in my brain, where they'll be like lucha libre wrestlers, trying to destroy each other.

Thank you Jackie Clark and Mark Bibbins.



steven karl said...

Congrats on LIT! That shit is awesome. Ran into PBJ & his wife at a coffee shop on Saturday & I thought damn I wonder what's up with the new ish of LIT...

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