Brandi Wells: Quality Literature

Lately, I have been reading Brandi Wells' blog and her writing. Her blog is called God is a Giant Crab. It's usually pretty fun to read. She has writing in a lot of places, which you can find and enjoy on her blog. Some of her writing is heartbreaking. Some of it is funny. Some of it is funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Whenever I feel the funny/heartbreaking feeling when I read a poem, I think to myself, This is some quality literature. I get this feeling a lot from Brandi Wells' writing. I like the way she writes about being in intimate relationships. I'll probably steal some of her ideas for my own writing. I hope she gets into a good graduate school. Some of her poems I've been reading and rereading can be found at:

1.) 3 AM Magazine: Three Poems

2.) Corduroy Mountain: The Greater Good

3.) Dogmatika: Three Poems



Anonymous said...

Have you read her non-fiction piece in WWR? Incredible.


bmirov said...

Heartbreakingly good. Thanks Molly.

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