New Things

1.) Frank Giampietro put up a couple of my poems on his website La Fovea. It's pretty rad. Each contributor picks a subsequent poet who then picks a subsequent poet etc. etc. ad infinitum. You could read through La Fovea for days and still never finish. David Sewell, one of the editors of Fou, was kind enough to put me in contact with Frank. You can read my poems, HERE (I wrote them way back in 2006, but touched 'em up a bit, so now they're like new).

2.) My friend Jillian Weise wrote an article about being a cyborg for the nytimes.

3.) Also, the first Issue of Maggy came out. It is "shit your pants good." See for yourself:

Issue 1 | January 2010

Table of Contents

Featuring new poems by John Ashbery, Anselm Berrigan, Fanny Howe, Bernadette Mayer, Alice Notley, David Shapiro, Mark Strand, Dara Wier, John Yau and Matthew Zapruder. Special features include new translations of Dante by Mary Jo Bang and Fernando Pessoa by Richard Zenith. Also included are four unpublished poems of James Schuyler.
It also contains a poem by me and a number of good friends like Bianca Stone and Taryn Andrews. I reccomend you buy one while supplies last.

Frank Giampietro, David Sewell, Allison Power, Adam Fitzgerald and Alina Gregorian.


Alina Gregorian said...

You and your chapbook are the best, Ben.

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