Kate Angus is rad and she wrote a review for I is to Vorticism on its Amazon page. Brandi Wells also wrote about I is to Vorticism on her blog.

If I already sent you a copy of I is to Vorticism, I'd be much obliged if you wrote something, too. It would be great if you wrote a blurb on its Amazon page, or on your blog, or on a napkin. Or, if you want a copy, I will send you one for free if you write something. Send your address to benmirov@gmail.com and I'll mail you a copy. Thanks for your time and consideration. I love you.

Thank you, Brandi Wells and Kate Angus


Brandi Wells said...

I read through I is to vortici two times last night. I highlighted parts I wanted to mention and left it at my apartment when I came to work this morning. So I'll mention it later on blog. But I wanted to let you know I LOVED it and have recommended it to a couple friends.

bmirov said...

That is the best, Brandi. It would be amazing if you mentioned it on yer blog. Also, if you feel like it and you write an amazon blurb, I will send you free Ben Mirov publications for life. Thanks for making my day.

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