I is to Vorticism (Part 2): Cover by Taylor Fox, Design and Layout by Ander Monson

This is the front cover of my chapbook:
I is to Vorticism

This is the back cover (click to read the blurbs from Dobby Gibson and Elaine Equi).

I is to Vorticism will be available for purchase from New Michigan Press on 1/4/10. You can also buy them from me sooner than that. Probably in the next couple weeks. You can still email me your mailing address (benmirov@hotmail.com) and I will send you a signed copy when they arrive.

Thanks, Ander Monson, Taylor Fox, Dobby Gibson and Elaine Equi.


Farrah Field said...

Looks lovely! Can't wait to see it in person...

Thomas Moronic said...

Wow, if it's good enough for Elaine Equi then it's good enough for me. I think I might splash out when pay day comes around.

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