Sink Review Reviews

A thing I wrote about Tao Lin's book, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy got posted on The Sink Review. You can read it here. I also wrote critical reviews of Matthew Rorher's chapbook and Mary Rufle's book of short prose pieces, The Most of It (here and here).

I stopped writing criticism after I wrote these reviews. I haven't felt like being critical about anything for six or seven months. Reviews like this one, made me want to reevaluate my critical approach and try to write criticism that is more balanced and objective. I think reviewers need to be like Zen Monks when they write about someone else's poems. I did not accomplish this is these reviews, but if I ever write another one, I am going to try really hard.


Greg Santos said...

B, I dug your reviews of Lin, Rohrer, and Ruefle. Don't stop, man!!! Don't let one nasty review silence the pen er keyboard. G

J. Mae said...

Hey, I liked your reviews too! Trés cool.

Anonymous said...

what about how awesome the poems are?

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