Poetry = Cash Money

This is an email from Amy Lawless regarding the sale of her "worst poem" on E-bay for $6.12:

dear ben, i'm sorry i missed your reading last night. i was so tired and hungover from previous consecutive nights partying and I just watched the wrestler starring mickey roarke and fell asleep at 9:30 pm. I hope it went well and that you'll allow me to attend your next reading.
here is the web site of the artist who won my worst poem ever.

He emailed me today that he couldn't wait to receive it and read it by a lake. I thought that was funny.

Mood Bloodgood

Now that we have bank, TACO TRUCK is well on it's way to dominating the world of small press publications sold in bodegas and at taco stands. Please check out Mariano's site and art which are both beautiful and captivating.

Thank you Amy Lawless and Mariano Chavez.



amy lawless said...

You're my best friend again (redux).

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