I recently finished a manuscript of poems called Ghost Machine. I am going to do a series of blogs about Ghost Machine. It is 64 pages long. It took me three years to complete the entire process of writing and editing.

So far I have sent it to Diagram/New Michigan Press chapbook competition, and Octopus Books. I think I am going to send it to Black Ocean, soon. Below is a list of poems from Ghost Machine and the places they have been published (some poems appear differently in the manuscript than in their previous places of publication) :

1.) "Sleepless Night Ghost" and "Ghost of a Morning After You Left Me" were previously published in Caketrain.

2.) "Blessed is the Crystal the Sleeps out of the Matrix," "Last's Paint," and "Zero Machine (formerly titled "(none)" " were published in Beeswax Magazine.

3.)"Sample Edits," "Blue Blue is the Sky Above the Labor of Faders," and "My Liars," were published in Shampoo.

4.)"Ice Machine," "Fog Machine," "Wave Machine," "Think Machine," "Soul Machine," and "You Machine," were published in H_NGM_N.

5.)"Ummm Bone," and "Kid Dream Title" were published in Coconut.

6.)"Ghost Node" was published Elimae.

7.)“Dream Capacitor” was published in Washington Square.

8.) “Ghost (2:37 AM),” and "Ghost Receptor" are forthcoming from Saltgrass.

9. Nameless Ghost was published in Cookiebomb.

Here is a list of the poems that have not been published or are waiting for responses from publishers:

1.) Eye Machine (unpublished)

2.) Ghost Drafts: Action, Yes (awaiting reply)

3.) Ghost Transmitter (unpublished)

4.) Lost Ghost (unpublished)

5.) Ghost of a Party at Bosco's Apartment (unpublished)

6.) Ghost Circuit (unpublished)

7.) Spacecase: (unpublished)

8.) Ghost of Two Days in September: (unpublished)

9.) Ghost Couple: (unpublished)

10.) Ghost (1:42 AM): (unpublished)

11.) Crush Ghost: (unpublished)

12.) Ghost of a Night at 12 Galaxies: (unpublished)

13.) Lie Machine (unpublished)

14.) Sample Playlist (unpublished)

15.) I'm a Floater (unpublished)

16.) Oakland is Golden (unpublished)

17.) Echo Brain (unpublished)

18.) Logan is in Sacramento (unpublished)

19.) Miss You Face (unpublished)

20.) Ghost (12:37 PM) (unpublished)

21.) Ghost of Two Choices (unpublished)

22.) Ghost (2:37 AM) (unpublished)

I hope that by blogging about Ghost Machine, I will be able to promote my manuscript and poetry to a wider audience of readers. If you are interested in considering Ghost Machine, or any of its available poems for publication, or if you have any advice about where to send manuscripts please feel free to leave comments or email me at:




Jill said...

Looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

I like what i've heard and read from ghosts. I love that you're sending it off in pieces. moll

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