New Poem in elimae...

I have a new thing up at elimae. You can read it here. elimae is a journal I consistently read. elimae stands for ELectronic LIterary MAgazinE. It is one of the oldest electronic journals, maybe the oldest, I can't remember. I like that the editor, Coop Renner, thinks biographical information is irrelevant when considering the quality of the submissions he receives. I also like that each issue has an eclectic range of writing presented in a simple, nice looking format. The thing I wrote is called "Ghost Node" and elimae says it is fiction.

Thank you Coop Renner.



Brandi Wells said...

you are such a winner.

Michelle said...

If David Cronenberg made commercials for Japanese McDonald's Happy Meals, these would be his notes.

bmirov said...

Have you ever seen eXistenZ? There's a part where Jude Law has to eat this fucked up creature and then use its different body parts and bones to make a gun. The final piece of the gun is his tooth, which he uses as a bullet to shoot his Chinese waiter. It is great.

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