Michael Kimbal is a good editor...

I have a new story up at Lamination Colony. You can read it here. I love to read Lamination Colony. Whenever a new issue comes out, I read it and feel like I am experiencing the "cutting edge" of literature.

This issue is guest edited by Michael Kimball. I sent Michael some writing when I was in SF this January staying on my brother's couch. I sent him a story called "Leftover Horses" that was 404 words long, and some other stuff. He wrote me back and said he would like to use "Leftover Horses," but just the first line and I was like Whhhaaaa?

It was an interesting moment. At first, I felt it called my "artistic integrity" into question, but then I looked at my story and drank some coffee and realized Michael Kimball is a good editor. I like his version better. It is 40 words long. If you want to read the rest of the story, it's down below.

Thank you Michael Kimball and Blake Butler.

Have a Good Day,

(Leftover Horses Con't)

...They look pretty anxious, I can tell you that much. One of them, a black mare, keeps running full speed to either end of the corral, back and forth, all the time. You heard me. I've got them penned up in a corral. What did you expect? Like I was going to let them run wild all over the place. What do I do if they start to mate? It's not like I can have a bunch of foals stumbling around. Talk about a mess.

Now, I have to find something to do with them. They can't just hang out in the corral forever. Besides, I'm pretty sure the grey one is wild. He keeps looking me in the eye and won't break his stare. It's not natural.

Ugh. I spend so much time tending to them. I barely have a moment for myself. I had to write a whole other story that began with some cowboys who got left out. Now, at least someone can watch the horses while I sleep. Still, I don't get much rest.

Just the other day the cowboys were pissed. They were saying that they couldn't be expected to take care of so many horses without any women around. I said, forget about it fellas. I'm not about to write another story just so you can get some action. But then I started thinking about it and I felt kind of bad. If I put myself in their shoes, I'd probably feel the same way.

So, I wrote another story. This one started with a bunch of cheerleaders who go on a road trip to loose their virginity, but then get left out of the story altogether. So now the cowboys are happy and the cheerleaders are happy, too. They've coupled off and built little homes for themselves. Even the horses seem happier. They're much calmer than before and some of them can even be ridden. Except for the grey one. He's as scary as ever. I think he wants to be put in a story. You know how he feels. You're left out of things too.


Michael Kimball said...

I love that piece, Ben. And I'm glad the editing didn't offend.

bmirov said...

Thanks for your support, Michael. I just watched the clip of "I Will Smash You" on HTML Giant. I found it inspiring.

lauren said...

ben! i would like to borrow a few of your leftover horses. definitely that grey one. they are so beautiful. but are they leftover anymore? no matter. i'll bring them back when i'm done.

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