Little Magazines

These are some things I like:

1.) My headphones.

2.) Taco trucks/tacos.

3.) Reading small literary journals.

4.) Barack Obama

This blog post will only be about number 3, but I would like to dedicate it to numbers 1, 2, 4 without which none of this would be possible:

SaltGrass (Poetry Editor: Julia Cohen, Fiction Editor: Abigail Holstein)

Saltgrass is a good magazine. I am going to read this magazine again. I will probably buy the next issue when it comes out. Everything in this magazine is good to read. Even the writing that I was not really into seemed unique and strong and probably over my head anyway. All of the poems and pieces of prose made me want to write more and better. The length of Saltgrass is very pleasing (60 pages). It is also an approachable shape. If Saltgrass could talk it would whisper Pick me up. I have a nice cover and I have several C.A. Conrad poems inside me that you would probably like. I am also pretty cheap. Highest possible rating:

Beeswax Magazine (Edited by John Peck & Laureen Mahler)

Beeswax Magazine is great to read and hold. It makes me wish I were better at book design. Every issue feels like it was lovingly made by two people from Oakland who love to read and make books. Oh wait, every issue is made by two people in Oakland who love to read an make books. Sometimes I read a thing in Beeswax and think what the fuck is this. Then I read the thing again and think, this is fucking great. This is a good feeling that is hard to find in many magazines. Plus, they always have comics. Plus, they represent Oaktown. If you like to read, I would buy this. If you are a writer, I would submit to Beeswax. High score:

Forklift, Ohio
(Editor-in-Chief: Matt Hart, Poetry Editor: Brett Price, Fiction Editor: Merrill Feitell, Designer & Publisher: Eric Appleby)

Forklift, Ohio is my favorite magazine. There are tons of cool magazines to read, but Forklift, Ohio is the all around best. There are always good poets in Forklift. The most recent issue is like an all-star team. If Mary Ruefle, Dean Young, Dobby Gibson, Bob Hicok, Ana Bozicevic, Paul Violi and Joshua Beckman were all on a basketball team called The Otters, my favorite basketball team would be The Otters. Plus, the most recent issue has some poems from Gregory Corso in it, which is like if Kareem Abdul Jabbar built a time a machine and time-traveled to 2009 to play center for The Otters. 100% Obamas:



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