Illegal? Blogworthy? Cheeseburgers?

This is a page from Poetry's November 2008 issue. Poetry magazine has an endowment of 678 billion dollars. They are the best know poetry magazine in the universe. This picture/poem is by a Canadian "visual poet" named Derek Beaulieu. I was in Beeswax Magazine Issue 4 with Derek. His art is great to look at/read. I liked his work and Greg Santos and I asked him to contribute to the small journal we edit called pax americana. pax americana has no endowment. Actually, I have four dollars and twenty five cents in my pocket, so pax americana has an endowment of $4.25. We don't have any money really and we all work for free. Recently, we published some of Derek's art in our Canadian Issue and some in our second print issue. This is from the second issue of pax americana, published in November. I think this might be illegal, but maybe not. It seemed blog worthy.


Greg Santos said...

Cheeseburgers. Most definitely cheeseburgers.

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