I Feel My Life Slipping Away

I was in a taxi last night coming back from Brooklyn and I had the feeling nothing could make me feel better about my life. The feeling was abstract and it had something to do with the economy. I felt like everything in my life was going to fall apart and I felt stupid for taking a taxi instead of the train. I was also afraid I would never find someone to love and share my life with. Here are some reviews of some chapbooks:

Hit Wave by Jon Leon (Kitchen Press, 2009)

When I read this book I wanted to be the main character. The main character is what I would call "very cool". He is some kind of publisher/writer/entrepreneur/genius who can do anything he wants, but only cares about highly metaphysical concerns like the spiritual benefits of hedonism, or the application of limitless freewill. Reading this book will make you feel powerful, like you can accomplish anything you want, even if the economy is fucked and you have no savings. I like the way the chapbook was constructed. It has a stapled binding and a nice spine that feels like a "real" poetry book. The cover is classy and unpretentious. I give this chapbook three arbitrary Obamas.

Untied by Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

I like all the poems in this book. All of the poems feel sincere and private like they are being told to one person and that person may not be you, but you are lucky to listen in. Some of the poems feel like they are being told to no one. Every one of the poems looks nice on the page. The lines of each poem feel like the author spent time placing each of them in a loving way. I don't think you can buy this chapbook anywhere online. If you live in San Francisco you might be able to get one somewhere like Needles and Pens or Dog Eared Books. It has a nice letter-pressed cover and a pleasing size. I also give this chapbook three arbitrary Obamas.

They All Seemed Asleep by Mattew Rohrer (Octopus Books, 2009)

Matthew Rohrer has a good sense of humor. It is very measured and not "over the top". This book reminded me of certain parts of A Farewell to Arms, because the writing has a flat affect and is very accurate in the way it describes things. Also, it is about some crazy shit that goes down where the main character has to take sides and fight in a war he is not really a part of. I guess that's not like A Farewell to Arms, but it's close. I read this book in one sitting, but I think that's ok because it is kind of an adventure story and has a pulpy feel. This chapbook has nice flourishes, like gold end-papers and and an awesome cover. I feel that this chapbook should receive my highest rating:


Anonymous said...

Like solo drinking, solo taxi rides can often accentuate one's myopic sense of self loathing.

Anonymous said...

gwiltey shay wan unter golpans and culloms.

steven karl said...

ah... i've been curious about the Rohrer chap! i thought i'd see you on Saturday at Tao's reading. Another day/ Another time I suppose.

Greg Santos said...

Hit Wave's cover looks badass. I want my first book to look that good. Only with even more badassness.

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